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Steamed Fish cooked in a healthy mustard blend sauce - Microwave recipe

Steamed fish in healthy sauce (Bengali recipe)

This recipe is inspired by my mother. The sauce was one of her many experiments in the kitchen that turned out to be an absolute hit in the family. 

The recipe is a staple in all Bengali households and is mostly cooked using the famous hilsa. However, I am have used rohu which is easily available all year around.

Mostly the sauce used in making steamed fish is  mostly mustard paste. But given the heat that the paste generates in the system, my Mom goes slow on the usage of mustard seeds and adds a lot of heart healthy ingredients to make the paste less sinful without compromising on the taste. She uses white mustard seeds, white sesame seeds which are considered to be extremely beneficial for the heart, Poppy seeds and soya chunks, all ground to a fine paste.You can read more about the benefits of white sesame seeds here: (

Lets look the ingredients:

To make the paste:

  • 4 tsp poppy seeds
  • 2tsp white mustard seeds
  • 4tsp white sesame seeds
  • a few Soya chunks
  • Steamed fish in healthy sauce (Bengali recipe)

Steamed fish in healthy sauce (Bengali recipe)
Other Ingredients:

  • 4 pieces of Rohu
  • 1tsp mustard oil
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
  • Green chilies slit into two

1. Clean and wash the fish pieces and marinate with turmeric powder and a little salt
2. Once you make the paste,add turmeric powder and salt to the paste
3. Coat all the fish pieces with the paste. You might add about 1/4th cup of water to the paste if want a little gravy
4. Add the slit green chilies to the fish
5. Put all together in a microwave safe dish, and cook for about 3 mins in the microwave

And there your steamed fish is ready to go !!

This is the perfect accompaniment with steamed rice for a Sunday afternoon meal. 

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