Monday, May 18, 2015

Explore more with the My Airtel App

Airtel is constantly on the innovation spree. After launching 4G services, the latest one on offer is the My Airtel App.

The best part about The My Airtel app is the kind of convenience it provides. Whether you are travelling or are in between meetings, you can easily pay your telephone bills through a click. I usually recharge my phone through the app as it is more convenient for me than using a desktop as I am always near my phone and it gives me the freedom to recharge no matter where I am or What I am doing at the moment. It will help my parents as well if they access to this app as they can easily make their own payments without stepping out of the comfort of their homes. What’s more satisfying is that they store your payment details after you have made a payment. As a result, you do not have to go through the hassle of entering all your card details again and again amidst your busy schedule. I get very irritated if I have to enter all my credit card details every time I make a payment.

And here comes the best part !! Surprise offers!! We all love it right? Every time you make a payment or recharge your phone, there is a surprise Airtel coupon in store for you. You can redeem it to shop across categories.

My Airtel App also comes up with an efficient personalized offering. You can save your tasks that you do regularly on the app. Say for example, you usually recharge your phone using the app, and you can save it under "I want "option. So the next time you log in to recharge your phone, the one touch tab will take you to your desired location. Therefore, you do not have to browse unnecessarily through all tabs on the app to make your regular payments. 

Often because of their busy schedules, we miss out tracking on our bills or data usage. It’s a constant worry for me as I often lose track of my data usage and run out of data pack before it expires. Them I am left with no option but to wait till I get time to recharge again. But with this alert system in the app, I will be alerted beforehand and I can plan to get my recharge done on time through the app.

Like all other Airtel advertisements, I liked their recent advertisement as well on this new app. It is lively and will definitely make a mark among the audiences.

Overall, I feel My Airtel App will surely appeal to the younger generations who are constantly busy with their smartphones and consider them to be their best friends. Easy, Convenient, User friendly and Quick- the new Airtel app definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

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