Thursday, June 2, 2016

4 "Healthier" Street Food Options Available In Kolkata

We don't really co-relate street food and health at all. But, unfortunately for us working professionals, there are days when we spend the entire day outside and it is not possible for us to carry lunch every day.Those are the days when we don't really have an option but to satisfy our hunger pangs by having street food :) 
Sometimes we just gorge on street food just to cater to the needs of our taste buds :P ;) 

However, there are a few "comparatively healthier" options available to us which makes us feel a little less guilty. These are the ones which satisfy our cravings yet are little less "Junk", hence the word "comparatively healthier" :P

Let's look at some options available to us Calcuttans :

1. The Humble Ghugni : Ghughni is a popular street snack in Kolkata. It is basically dried white peas cooked in gravy and is usually served hot. This is then served with onions, tomatoes and green chillies or with aloo tikki. While having it with tikki, just make sure to instruct the vendor to use less oil to fry the tikkis :)

P.S: This can be easily cooked at home !!

Ghugni (Pic Courtesy:

2. Steamed Momos : A lot of momo places have sprawled in every nook and corner of Kolkata. Momos are a famous Tibetan delight, which has minced chicken wrapped in flour and steamed. There are pan fried variants available as well but its better to avoid them when the steamed one can taste just as good. Momos are usually accompanied with soup and a spicy sauce. It is better to avoid the soup for hygiene issues. Trust me, it is extremely difficult to do for a soup lover like me.

Steamed Momos

3. Dosas and Idlis : They are my favourites. They make the best breakfast and lunch options. Not just are they healthy, they are yummy. I love sada dosa with loads of onions and green chillies. Just request your vendor to use less of oil, and you have had a fulfilling, guiltfree meal.

Masala Dosa

4. Jhalmuri and Sprouted Chana: You can easily spot a jhalmuri vendor every 5 mins in an office area. They sell puffed rice with onions, chillies, tomatoes, spike of lemon and spices. Then there are sprouted chana vendors They are the healthiest and keeps both your tummy and taste buds happy. Whats the bonus? Prices start at just Rs.5.

The pic I am sharing here is that of the Jhalmuri I made at home one rainy evening :)