Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Give your favourite people a surprise once in a while :)

I love surprises. I remember the number of times my parents have gone out of their way to give me a nice surprise on any regular day just to make me feel extra special. Occasions like birthdays, good results, Rakhi and Children's Day have always been extra special and my parents never missed any opportunity to give me that extra push of love! P.S Yes, I got gifts from my dad every Rakhi so that I never miss out on the love of a brother :) 

I always feel blessed to have parents like them in my life :) #Touchwood !!

One day while watching a movie on the go, I suddenly came up with an idea of surprising them. It wasn't Mom's or Dad's birthday or their anniversary. Yet I came up with an idea of sending across something nice to them just to make them feel a little special. I had heard rave reviews about Ferns N Petals. They are a website from where you can order cakes, cupcakes, flowers, teddies for your loved ones. They have special gift packages for special occasions like Valentines' Day, Rakhi etc as well. 

I ordered an eggless Black Forest cake for them and got it delivered in the evening when I was sure both of them will be at home. Well, ordering something from the site was quite a challenging task :P

They have a huge catalog to choose from. So, make up your mind before going through the options as it will be difficult to single out one product will be extremely difficult.

By the time I came home from work, the person had already delivered the cake at my place. My parents were pleasantly surprised and the look on their face was priceless! Initially, I did not tell them that I had ordered the cake, so they kept on wondering who and why some delivered a cake for them :P 

But when they saw me, they understood everything :) They couldn't think of a reason. Nevertheless, they loved the idea. All of us savoured the cake in the evening with tea. The evening was a memorable one with loads of gossip, old memories and loads of laughter, I love such evenings. It is the perfect stressbuster after a hard day at work. Nothing can beat the comfort of home and the feeling of security that being around your parents can give you ! Pure Bliss, I must say.

I plan to do this more often now. Be it a little gift or cooking a special surprise dinner for my lifelines, making regular days special makes you feel lovely. After all, they make me feel like a gift for them every single day. :)


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