Sunday, July 23, 2017

Keep yourself healthy this Monsoon

Hello Guys :)
It has been raining on and off almost everywhere in India. This is the season of a hot cup of chai, some piping hot pakoras, long drives and staying curled up in bed all day! Bongs would also tell you about the beauty of the ilish maach - khichdi combo(hilsa fish & khichdi) during this season. 😋

While it is the most awaited season of the year after the hot and humid months, it also brings with itself a lot of viruses. We all have to step out of her homes due to work and other engagements. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep certain things in mind to keep yourself healthy this season.

Here are my mantras to keep yourself safe:

1. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean - It is absolutely necessary to keep yourself, your home and colonies clean. This is the season when viruses can breed easily due to the humidity. Mosquito borne diseases are usually on the rise. Make sure there is no stagnant water in your home/ colony. I would suggest a pest control ahead of the season to keep any unwanted insects at bay. Typically it will cost you around Rs.500 - 1000 and you will need it only thrice/four times a year. Local vendors offer more economical rates.

2. Keep germs away even on the move - We constantly have to keep moving out of our homes and offices. We avail public transport almost every day and come in contact with people from different walk of life. It is mandatory to keep a hand sanitizer and a mosquito repellent cream in your handbag. You never know where the germs might find you!

3. Eat healthy - Have loads of soup and stews this season, homemade off-course. They have this typical power to fight viruses- be it cold, cough or fever while also giving you the comfort of sipping something hot in this season. Chicken soups work best for me as an immunity booster as well :) Junk food should be avoided especially those which use a lot of water like panipuris. For a person like me who swears by her weekly dose of phuchka, I have it without the water. 

4. See a doctor if you are feeling unwell - If you have been feeling unwell for more than 2-3 days, please see a doctor. It is better to get yourself cured in the early stages than wait for it to get worse. Always trust the doctor rather than your own instincts or other's opinions, please!

5. Gargle regularly - Though we do this only when we have a sore throat, it will help if we do this on a regular basis during this season. 

6. Always remember grandma's tips are the best - We all have these trustworthy home remedies that work wonders for us. We all know the magic of the adrak wali chai (ginger tea) or masala tea or the honey-lemon drink or a glass of warm milk. There is so much more to this 😃

These tips have been adopted by generations and they still work like magic. 

Take care of your health while you enjoy this season. Happy Monsoons 😃😍 Please share your tips for this season as well :)

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