Monday, October 5, 2015

Bring your hair alive with the Himalaya Herbals' range of hair care products

Dandruff..dry fall..frizzy hair are problems which we all dread.

I myself have been tackling hair fall and dry hair problems for quite some time now. Given the hectic time schedules that I have, I hardly have time to devote to my hair. Chemical treatments are an option left for me which can give me quick results but will take a toll on my hair in the long run. I was not ready to compromise on the quality of my hair.

It was then that I received an invite from Himalaya Herbals for a hair spa experience with the beauty expert and hairstylist, Bridgette Jones at her salon. My day was packed with back to back meetings even on a Saturday but yet I made time for this event as it was my much needed break.

Bridgette discussed about my hair problems and she pointed out that hair fall might also be for hormonal or environmental factors.Dry hair is thanks to all the pollution we face in the city. She suggested the anti hair fall range of Himalaya Herbals' nourishing care for the hair spa. 

Himalaya Herbals is a brand which I have always trusted for my hair because of the natural solutions it offers. The procedure is simple and can easily be done on a weekend. All you need to do is invest two hours of your time. 

Anti-Hair Fall CreamAnti-Hair Fall Hair OilAnti-Hair Fall ShampooDamage Repair - Protein Conditioner

  • The 1st step is the scalp message with the Himalaya Anti Hair fall hair oil
  • Wash your hair with Anti Hair fall shampoo and lukewarm water to cleanse the scalp
  • Apply the Anti Hair fall hair cream and leave it on for 15 minutes
  • Apply steam on your hair for around 10 minutes for deeper penetration. If you are at home, you can use a hot towel for this
  • Wash again to clean your scalp
  • Apply a conditioner to moisturize 

After the hair spa, my hair looked soft and aligned
 After the treatment, my hair felt super soft and aligned. While no product is a magic, natural products take time to show their effects. With Himalaya Hair care range, I could almost feel the softness instantaneously. I am sure with regular application, I will be able to combat the hair fall problem in some time and get soft shiny hair.

What I feel about the product range?

I have always trusted Himalaya herbals range and have tried it's various products in the past as well. The brand's products are well researched and use natural ingredients like bhringaraja, amla, tea tree oil, chickpea etc which have been known for ages to work wonders for the hair.The range works for me and I am satisfied with the results.

I would recommend that you invest a little time on your hair and follow the step wise process to see the results. As mentioned, it is not magic and regular application is a must. You need not spend a fortune on parlour treatments and enjoy the hair spa experience in the comfort of your homes.

With Dolon of PoutPretty


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