Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Body Shop Celebrates 20th anniversary of Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop's Tea tree oil

Beauty trends come and go but sometimes there are precious gems that take the world by storm and cement themselves in beauty history. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil is one such icon.The brand is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their cult classic Tea Tree Oil.

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil is one of Body Shop's bestsellers. The  skin-saving  bottle is sold every 8 seconds globally! And its not hard to understand why the Tea Tree Oil is a potent purifying treatment that targets blemishes for clearer looking skin. Its so powerful that you can feel it working from the very first application.

Tea tree oil is well known for its anti bacterial properties. As per the best practices of Body Shop, they source high quality naturally purifying tea tree oil from Kenya. The brand claims that the farmers in Kenya hand harvest the leaves and steam distill them within 12 hours for the most purest  and potent tea tree oil.

It has been a friend for a lot of your favourite stars as well !! :P

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