Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Relax and rejuvenate with the three-in-one Air Wick room freshners

Air Wick, the famous air care brand from the house of RB India (Previously known as Reckitt Benckiser), has come up with the first-ever—AirWick Life Scents range with 3 evolving fragrances in 1 spray.

Unlike other room fresheners which give you one fragrance, this new offering gives you the benefit of enjoying 3 different refreshing fragrances with a single application. 

What the brand says about the product:
The collection of three fragrances in one spray gives consumers a unique experience to refresh their homes with different aromas. Air Wick Freshmatic has three-time interval settings allowing consumers to have control over the fragrance level. At a medium setting, it is released every 28 - 30 minutes. By setting the device to a low setting it lasts for up to 60 days.

The latest Air Wick Life Scents range offers 5 fragrances in both Freshmatic and Aerosol sprays. Each variant is an assortment of 3 scents. Allow your mind to escape to a Summer Delight, with its fresh joyful fragrances of Vanilla, Melon & white Flowers. Similarly, surround yourself in the untouched beauty of a Turquoise Oasis with scents of sun bleached driftwood, salty sea spray, and warm breeze.

What I felt about the product:

I used the Lush Hideaway variant- the wild berry, coconut water and fresh mint infusion. It gave the room a nice fruity fragrance the moment I used it. You can easily see the particles diffuse into the air in seconds and fill the air with a certain freshness. The fragrance became a little light the next time I entered the room while the aroma lingered on till I felt asleep. I had used it in my bedroom the moment I stepped in after a hard day at work. The perfume worked wonders for my stressed mind and rejuvenated my senses.

The bottle is a smart looking one with an easy application trigger. 

The complete Air Wick Life Scents range is available at major retail stores in the country. While Aerosol Sprays are available at Rs. 249 for 210 ml and refill of 250 ml is priced at Rs. 299, the complete Freshmatic (1 Freshmatic Automatic spray + 1 refill) is available at Rs. 550.

I would totally recommend this product if you like fragrances and love coming to a nice smelling home :)

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