Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How your regular cup of green tea can works wonders for your skin in minutes

Green tea has a host of health benefits which most of us are aware of. Rich in antioxidants, it helps keep a lot of diseases at bay. Not only does it regulate your blood pressure but also helps you stay in shape. You can read more about green tea's benefits from the image below:

But did you know that your regular cup of green tea can work wonders for your skin too? And the best part is you do not need blenders, other fancy ingredients to make a paste for your face. Yes, that's true !!

All you need to do is next time you make yourself a cup of green tea, just remember to make some more for your skin too :P

1. The used green tea bags act as excellent eye packs for tired eyes and helps remove puffiness around the eyes. Just keep the used green tea bags in the refrigerator and keep it on your eye for around 15minutes at the end of the day.

2. You can also pour green tea in the ice tray and leave it to form green tea ice cubes. Once cubes are formed, use it directly on your skin. This is will act as natural toner for your skin and tighten pores. It also delays the aging process of the skin.

3. If you are slightly on the lazier side like me, You can simply splash chilled green tea on your face. This will also work as a toner for your skin. 

In case you have more views to share with us, please write to me :) Would love to hear your beauty and skin care hacks :P

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