Monday, September 7, 2015

5 Healthy yet delicious breakfast options you must try

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but is also the highly ignored one. We all are in a mad rush to reach our offices on time and often skip breakfast or make do with packaged breakfast options like cereals. Though cereals are also extremely healthy, yet you have to compromise on the taste factor for it. If someone gives me an option of having cereals everyday, I would no doubt choose the option of skipping breakfast :P

Here I have listed some of my favourite healthy breakfast options that your should definitely try. And the best part is, they are ready is less than 15mins :P

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1. Dosas: Loaded with the essential nutrients to give the right start to your day, dosas top my list. I know it is not easy to make dosas at home, but as with life in general, practice will make you perfect in this art. The readymade dosa mixes are already here to make your life simpler. With the mixes, all you need to do is mix it with water or curd and your dosas will be done in minutes.

2. Upma: Yet another favourite breakfast option from down South, you can give it your favourite twist according to your preference. Though there are readymade mixes available for upma as well, I prefer making it from scratch without the help of any ready to eat pack. And believe me, it still takes me just 10mins to prepare this flavorful dish on any workday morning. I sometimes replace suji with oats as well.
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3. Pasta: Not really a breakfast option, but I still love it for my breakfast especially on a sad Monday morning. :P My pasta recipe is extremely healthy without the use of unnecessary cheese, cream or butter. Yet it turns out extremely delicious. You can add chicken, egg and veggies to give your meal an extra protein punch. Read the recipe here:

5. Oats or Besan Cheela:  Cheelas are popularly known as the vegetarian omelettes. They are extremely healthy, being made of besan and oats which are loaded with protein and fibre. Only thing which you need to keep in mind is the usage of oil while frying your cheelas. I use a non-stick pan and do not use more than 1teaspoon oil to cook my cheelas.  

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