Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Vivel Cell Renew's new Micellar Make Up Cleanser

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Vivel Cell Renew's New Micellar Make Up Clenser

We all love make up but it is extremely important to get rid off it at the end of the day. Cleaning off the layers can be big challenge and some products can be extremely stubborn. If even a little bit of make up is left behind overnight, it might lead to dark spots on your skin.

To combat all of these problems while taking of your skin in a gentle manner, Vivel Cell Renew has come up with a make-up cleanser with the unique mixed-micelle technology. This single phase, oil free, rinse-free cleanser effectively removes make-up and maintains the moisture level in skin.

Vivel Cell Renew, ITC's leading skin care leading skin care brand has become immensely popular amongst the ladies and has won our confidence over the years.

What does the brand say about the product ?

This formulation has plant derived stem cell extracts that help in skin cell renewal, tertapeptide (Tego-pep-4-even) to help remove dark spots and effective anti-oxidants for preventing free radical damage. It is enriched with moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, glycerine & pro-vitamin B5, to maintain skin moisture level. Cell Renew Micellar Makeup cleanser is alcohol free, ultra-mild and maintains skin pH.  It is enriched with Lavandin essential oil that helps to relax and maintain a healthy skin.

My feedback:

The make up cleanser comes in a nice plastic bottle which is light enough to carry while travelling. The liquid like remover is quite light in texture and will not bother you even if you have oily skin. The moisturizing effect of the cleanser stays on for some time and does not dry out your skin. It effectively removes make up without much of an effort.

Available at select retail outlets and e-com portals, Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Remover is priced at Rs. 349 for 150ml bottles

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