Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Enjoy your favourite shows on the go with TataSky+ Transfer

After a busy day at work, all you need to do is relax, doing all you favourite things. For me, the best stress buster is sipping on a nice cup of green tea and watching my favourite TV Shows or watching a nice rom-com. 

But on most days when I come home, I usually find my mom enjoying her favourite soap opera or my dad enjoying a game of cricket or football. Though I crib a little and do coax them to switch over to the programmes I want to watch, I do feel bad that they do not enjoy what they are being forced to watch. I guess all people staying in nuclear families face the same situation. For us, viewing TV is a time we share our day's experiences together and deliberately, there is just one set at home.

Therefore, I watch my favourite shows on the go. My time to watch the shows that I enjoy is when I  take a bus to work. It usually takes me more than an hour to reach work and the morning ride is quite irritating. I worry about reaching late, think about the day's workload, make a few calls and get extremely irritated when the bus is stuck in traffic. But I recently discovered the best way to keep cool is to watch rom-coms and TV series on my way. Now whenever I have a stressful day ahead, I  try and store some nice movies on my phone and watch them on my way.

Tthe problem is that the most recent episodes of my favourite TV shows are not always available online. Yes, there is also an issue of piracy, which on most occasions I do not support.Transferring content to my phone has also been a task. I usually download content on my laptop and desktop, which, off course takes a lot of time. Then the content has to be transferred to my device. 

But Tata Sky's new offering TataSky+ Transfer makes it easy for you. Now you can directly record the content from your TataSky+ Transfer Set box and transfer them directly onto your device through wi-fi. Since you are directly recording from your TV set, the whole issue of piracy is taken care of. The latest episodes and shows are all at your fingertips. You don't have to surf through hundreds of websites to find the content you are looking for. Now you can easily stream content on your phone without having to wait for hours for the content to download and then the hassle of transferring it your phone.

The best part is, you get the best resolution and HD recording with this device. With 500GB of hard disk storage, you can store your favourite series and movies for a long time and watch it according to your convenience. 

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