Friday, April 10, 2015

Summer Essentials: Puresense range of fruity, floral and spicy range of soaps review

Recently, I came across this premium personal care product range - Puresense. They have an interesting range of product offerings which range from non toxic soaps, body washes, body mists and shampoos. you can read more about the brand by clicking here,

I got an opportunity to review their soap range - spicy, floral and fruity. The moment I came near the box where the soaps were kept, my senses were filled with a fresh fragrance which reinvigorated my senses in an instant after a hard day at work. 

The brand claims that the soaps, body washes & shampoos are sulphate free, paraben free & non-carcinogenic which is an absolute bonus point which you just can not avoid.

I got to sample the rose, madhumanti, orange, lemongrass and green tea soaps.

Rose and  Madhumanti are a part of their floral range offering. Both the fragrances are true to their original floral character.The smell is hard to miss when you are anywhere near the place where the product is kept. They have a soothing feel to them.

Orange and Cucumber are a part of their fruity fragrances. Orange is my personal favourite  because of my love affair with fruity fragrances and the Puresense soap makes you fall in love with the product.The product refreshes you instantly . I would vote them as the a must try in the humid summer months.

Green Tea and Lemongrass represent their spice range of soaps. Enriched with essential oils and olive oil, these soaps rejuvenate your sense while giving you skin a nice feeling.

A 100gm pack of the soap is priced at Rs.99 only. 

Lets look at the Pros and Cons: 


1. Refreshing range of soaps, enriching fragrance
2. Perfect for the humid summer months
3. The fragrance energizes you instantly
4. Non toxic product so easy on your skin
5. Moisturizes well
6. Doesn't melt easily

Well, the fragrance is a total win win situation, hence I didn't find any cons in this product.

My verdict: The soap range, especially the fruity range is a perfect summer personal care product. The fragrances are refreshing and energizes you instantly. Be it at the start of your morning or at the end of a hard day at work, these soaps will not disappoint you.

You can buy the products here,

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