Thursday, April 16, 2015

Maybelline India's new Colossal Kohls

Maybelline India has added new exciting colours to its Colossal Kohl range. 

The Colossal Kohl with its three new variants, Crushed Emerald, Jewelled Jade and Smoked Silver, has a lot to offer. The product lines like a kajal & defines like a liner. The colours add a refreshing twist to your everyday dressing.

As you must be knowing, the Colossal franchise has been an integral part of the Maybelline family. As we all know, it has done exceedingly well and been a hit amongst both college goers and working women.

The USP of the products remain its effectiveness and its constant innovation to make a mark in the cluttered market.  To build the Colossal family, Maybelline recently launched the Colossal Liner too, which is every girls's dream come true. You can read more about the product by clicking here.

The packaging is similar to all other Colossal kohl products - yellow in colour a cap which fits quite well. The kohls do not require any sharpening and give you an intense colour with a single coat.

Lets look at some of the Pros and Cons :

  • • Smooth gliding tip for even application
  • Interesting new range of colours
  • Hassle free application
  • Defines like a liner
  • Quite affordable, Priced at  Rs. 249 only
  • Intense colour with a single coat
  • stays on easily for about 8 hours even in this sultry weather
  • waterproof and smudgeproof
  • Though my eyes are sensitive, it did not cause any eye irritation
Well, to be honest, I did not find any disadvantage with the product.

My verdict: If you have loved Maybelline India's kohls earler, this is a must in your handbag. The interesting range of colours add a refreshing twist to your daily wear.

You can buy the products from any nearby Maybelline counter. You can also check out teh deals and combos online, by clicking here:

Read about Maybelline India's new Colossal liner, which is every girl's dream product by clicking here:

You can check out more interesting product pictures on their instagram page:

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