Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chicken rezalla with a healthy twist

Sunday lunches are an elaborate affair.Ever Since my childhood, I used to wait for Sunday - a day when my family is together for lunch at the dining table.Even today, nothing much has changed. I still look forward to my Sunday meal after a hectic week at work.

Sunday is the day when I try to cook something. I find cooking extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.  Chicken rezalla is a wonderful Sunday lunch menu option. This was introduced in Bengal by the Mughals. Traditionally this is looked in ghee in a rich cashew nut gravy.

However, being a health and fitness addict, I have added certain healthy twists to this authentic dish. Based on my experiences and reviews of people who tried out this recipe, I can say that you can't make out the difference. It is just for you to know ;)

Let's talk about the twists now. The recipe originally has a rich gravy which has kaju paste, ghee and sometimes cream. I didn't want cashew and all in my recipe as it increases the cholesterol value and the calorie count of the meal.

So what did I add for a thick rezalla gravy and not compromise on the health aspect of the meal ? 

Well, I made a paste of poppy seeds, while til, white mustard seeds and soya to enhance the gravy. All of these are healthy and keeps the calorie count much lower.

Let's look at the complete procedure:


1. 1kg chicken
2. 5tbsp of onion, ginger, garlic paste
3. 1 cup curd
4. 4tbsp pf poppy seeds
5. 4 tbsp of white til
6. 2 tbsp of white mustard seeds
7. 1/2 cup soya chunks
8. edible ittar to taste (few drops)
9. garam masala paste ( cinnamon, cloves, jawitri, peppercorn, elaichi)
10. 2 tbsp oil


1. Marinate the chicken using salt, curd and ginger, garlic paste
2. Make a paste of onion, ginger and garlic
3. Heat about 2 tbsp of oil in a pan and add the onion-garlic- ginger paste
4. Fry till the mixture turns brownish in colour. Add the poppy seed-til- soya-mustard paste and cook weel till the oil separates
5. Add the marinated chicken and the garam masala poweder. Cook well till the chicken cooks and changes colour
6. Add water to the pan and cook till the chicken becomes juicy
7. Add a few drops of meetha ittar and cook for about 3 mins

Here, your yummy and healthy chicken recipe is good to go :)

Enjoy the meal and do drop in your suggestions and feedback. 

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