Friday, April 10, 2015

Summer Essentials: Accessories that you will love to flaunt

Summer is here. At times, it can get really hot and sweaty. It sometimes can get on your nearves. However, staying in a tropical country like India, you can't really avoid these months.

So, it helps if we smile and take it all in our stride.

Here is a list of accessories that are absolute essentials in the summer months. Not only do they protect you from the harsh summer, it can also add a glamour quotient to your daily attire.

1. Glares : You can't step out without these in the summers. With all sizes of wayfarers, aviators and so may other choices, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right shades for yourself.

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2. Scarves: These not only add a style quotient to any outfit, they also help you to soak all the excess sweat that might irritate you in the summers. Just drape it the right way and they will add an extra element to your outfit.

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3. Bags: Go out with a large tote bag that will incorporate all your daily needs - a water bottle, umbrella, sunscreen lotion amongst the other daily essentials. The size makes sure that you can comfortably fit all the essentials.

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4. Cotton tops and kurtis: Go floral in nice pastel shades. Cotton will help you breathe in the humid weather

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5. Perfumes and body mists: We all want to smell great all through the year. Summer months make them perfumes and mists an indispensable part of our daily wear

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