Saturday, April 18, 2015

Natural handmade products from Fushcia : Lip balm review

I recently came across a range of natural handmade products by Vkare - Fuschia

They currently have creams, lip balms, soaps and scrubs under the brand. I received a sample from the brand which included lip balms, anti aging cream, and handmade soaps.

I have a soft corner for natural handmade products as they make me feel safe for my skin. After all, all of us want to stay away from harmful chemicals as much we can. And trust me, our mother nature has wonderful offerings which we often ignore. If brands like these trap the goodness of these offerings, I would love to highlight them.

I tried out the lip balm range to begin with. They come in two varieties: Strawberry Passion and Pomegranate Pink.

Why should you try Fuschia Lip balms?

The brand claims that they are mase up of natural ingredients and are 100% vegetarian. They have shea butter and kokum butter blended with vitamin E that provide extra smotthness and moisturization. They claim that they product is free of parabeans, petroleum base, tints and synthetic perfumes.

A pack of 2 lip balms of 16gms each is priced at 450Rs.They come in cute lip balm packaging which is smooth on the lips. One coat of the balm provides enough moisturization for about 4-5 hours and reapplication isn't required.

Lets look at the Pros and Cons:

1. Made with natural, vegetarian ingredients
2. Has a mild fragrance of essential oils
3. Provides moisturization for about 4-5 hours
4. Cute packaging

An added natural tint to the balm would have made it perfect :)

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