Monday, August 8, 2016

Things I Love Doing In The Monsoons

Rains have a special meaning in all our lives. For some it spells romance while for others, its all about Chai and pakoras.Some love curling up in bed and listen to some soft music. Ask bongs and they will tell you how rains mean Khichdi and Ilish ;) 

It has special meaning in all our lives which is difficult to pen down. I am not specifically a fan of the monsoons when I am on the move. I am out of home for some 8-9 hours everyday, constantly in and out of office for events and meetings. When you are expected to turn up for meetings, looking your best and well groomed, it is very difficult to keep your shoes clean and trousers/kurtis clean in this season no matter which mode of transport you try ! It is essentially the season of "kich-kich" for me. My skin and hair starts to get a mind of their own.

But when indoors, the concept of monsoon completely changes for me. Rainy weekends for me mean cups and cups of ginger green tea, pakoras(well, this season I am controlling myself and have kept the numbers very low! Yes, that's a lifestyle change you need to make when you are in your twenties and are putting on weight every day :X)  
Add to that a good book or a mushy romcom and your life is set. 

I guess that's a rare luxury for me when I have exactly nothing to do and I can laze around as much as I want. All thanks to Client events !! But whenever I get that opportunity, I just grab it. 

There is nothing like going on a long drive in this season. The feeling of the monsoon breeze in your hair and face while the car races down a rain-swept road. Add to that a great companion :) If you know me personally, you would know I hail from the steel city of Jamshedpur. I loved doing this in my childhood in the clean green roads of my hometown. These are lovely memories that I will cherish all my life and that writing about that place makes me miss it more !

Sleeping is another "must do" thing in the monsoons. There is nothing like it when there is a cool breeze outside and you can just comfortably sleep after a long day at work.

I hope all of you enjoy the weather in your own special way :) Have a great rainy season !!

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