Thursday, July 28, 2016

Masterclass By Zomato on Father's Day at Smoke House Deli

Zomato Masterclasses are always fun. But,this time it was special. It was for Father's Day and my dad was invited to be a part of the masterclass ! Ever since my dad said yes for the event, I knew this will be a memory to cherish forever. :) My dad was rather excited to know the kind of blogging events I attend.

The Masterclass was hosted by Smoke House Deli at Quest Mall.When we entered the place, there were around 7-8 bloggers and Zomato reviewers present along with their dads.And, all of them having a great time interacting with Chef and their kids.

All the dads including my father were happily interacting with one another though they were all meeting for the first time. It was a humbling experience to see how they made friends in a jiffy, all thanks to their sheer simplicity.

Chef Fatik Mir taught us to make some simple dips and sandwiches. They even showed how we can put together some quick and refreshing drinks like cold coffee :) They had also organized simple contests for the dads where they had to identify simple ingredients and herbs. My dad, being the expert cook that he is, won this contest ! Yay ! And that won us a meal voucher :)

Then came the food spread. Thankfully, the menu was healthy with light sandwiches. I just wish there was more variety :)

It was a great evening with all fellow bloggers and their dads. A big thank you to Zomato for conceptualizing this event and having us over for this event. My dad had a great time and it was the best gift I could give him for Father's Day :)

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