Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Colourful things to own this monsoon...AND its cheap !!

It has been raining on and off in Kolkata these days.Yes, this is season of gloomy cloudy days, humidity and like I say "kich-kich" on the streets. Though, sitting with a good book by the window with a cup of ginger tea looks to be perfect thing to do this season,as working women, we all need to step out.

But then, we can all step out in style ;) You don't really have to burn a hole in your pockets for that ! Trust the good old street markets of Kolkata to do that magic for you ! I checked out some stuff during one of my brief visits on a rainy Saturday afternoon and found some real gems :)

Here are the 4 things that caught my fancy :

1. Lovely transparent umbrellas: New market is filled with some lovely umbrellas which are transparent. Check out the lane near Aminia. These umbrellas are in fashion and look super cool. Well, I can't really guarantee if they can keep you dry but they can atleast keep you stylish :P 
And guess the price ? Just for 100 bucks, these umbrellas are a steal ! *thumbsup*


2. Funky footwear: Shoes, shoes and more shoes !! Every year the variety of shoes available during the monsoons just gets better. Colourful bellies, stylish sneakers to amazing chappals, you name it and you will get it. All of them are priced between Rs.100- Rs.350 at Metro Plaza. This is amazing news for every girl :)

My friend and I couldn't get enough of them. It took a great deal of self-control  difficult to just pick up 3 pair of shoes. :D

Shoes from Metro Plaza!!! :)

3. Colourful scarves and stoles : These are a must have accessory in any season. They can add a lot of drama to an otherwise dull outfit. In the monsoons also it helps in a lot of ways, be it covering you up when you accidently get drenched or by keeping your head dry when you forget your umbrella at home. Scarves and stoles come in a variety of fabrics and colours and are priced between Rs.80 - Rs.200(the dupattas) at New Market. Make sure you bargain well.

Scarves and Stoles

4. Bangles: Monsoon or not, bangles are a girl's favourite accessory. Glass bangles, metal bangles, wooden and plastic bangles, check out New Market for some of the best collections. At Rs. 20- 40 per dozen for the simple ones, here is how you can jazz up your outfits 

Glass Bangles

5. Useful totes : Monsoons are when you need to carry a whole lot of things in your handbag. From an umbrella to hand sanitizers to even an extra top, you need a spacious tote to safely tuck everything in and keep them dry. Just be careful while choosing the material of your handbag. Go for faux leathers or the shiny ones (not sure what the material is called). Steer clear away from the cloth ones. Mostly priced between Rs. 450 - Rs. 700, it all depends on the style, the material and your bargaining skills ! Check out BK Market and New Market for some of the hottest trends.

Photo courtesy: pinterest.com

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