Sunday, April 10, 2016

Summer Essentials 2016: VLCC's Sun Defense Range

Summer Essentials: VLCC Sun defense range

Summer is already here and going by the crazy heat in April itself, this summer promises to be difficult. I wish we were still school students when we could enjoy about one month of summer vacations. Those were the best days with both indoor and outdoor games, lovely TV programmes especially designed for school vacations and lots of homework offcourse ! But atleast we did not have to step in the scorching heat.

As adults, we do not enjoy such luxuries. And in my sort of a job profile, I need to step out of my office quite often thanks to meetings and events. It's imperative to guard your skin against the harmful UV rays. 

I recently tried out VLCC's new sun defense range which promises to defend the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The product is paraben free,making it more skin friendly. The range is infused with the goodness of nature, containing extracts of aloe vera, lemon, olive oil, mango butter, cucumber and rosemary, to name a few, providing added skincare benefits along with their protective formula. 

The range has face washes, sunscreens and face masks with SPF ranging from SPF 15- SPF 70. 

I was given to sample the sunscreen lotion with SPF 40. The lotion comes in inverted tube packaging.

Here are my thoughts on the product:

  • The texture of the lotion is matte and gives a nourishing feel
  • The product claims to be sweat free and does not feel heavy on the skin
  • I would recommend the lotion for people with both dry and oily skin types as the lotion is not very heavy and gets absorbed very easily into the skin
  • Natural ingredients always appeals to me and I can choose the product without any guilt 
  • The cap fits well and can easily be carried in your handbag
A 100gm tube with SPF 40 is priced at Rs.350.

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