Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nosh Cafe - Perfect place for automobile fanatics

Nosh Cafe

If you want to take your beau for a treat, Nosh Cafe is THE place for it.
If you and your guy friends want to spend a day out, Nosh Cafe should be your preferred place.

Why do I say do ?

Well, very few Cafes in Kolkata welcome you with a sexy Lamborghini at the entrance.You will notice fancy bikes and bike accessories the moment you enter the place. You might just be surprised if you have entered the right place. But if you see a huge signboard of Machiner's Paradise and Nosh Cafe, rest assured you have entered the right place. On the other end, you will see seating arrangement amidst an interesting decor of  automobile and bicycle tyres. You can enjoy a game of foosball or watch cricket while you wait for your food. 

Nosh Cafe

There is a room inside where they had colourful seating arrangements. You can also play games in here or enjoy a match. The decor had interesting bikes. The outdoor seating area of Nosh Cafe is the best thing about the place. There is an interesting swing like seating where you can enjoy coffee and chat while the swing takes you back to your childhood. Match screening is also available outside.

When we were invited by Zomato, we were told that we are in for a surprise. We came to know later that they will be rolling out their non-veg menu for us and we get to taste them first. Thank you to both Zomato and Nosh for the honour. :)
Dips at Nosh Cafe

We were first served some amazing drinks. I ordered for a green apple lemonade and it was extremely refreshing in the weather. Then came the dips. Interestingly, there were hand sanitizers on the table. A huge thumbs up to the management for that :)

Stufed Mushroom

Family Garlic Bread

Then the food started coming in. First was the 'Mai ka Lal Nachos'. Unfortunately, the nachos aren't as interesting as the name suggest and it appeared soggy to me. I loved the family garlic bread. It was loaded with cheese and was quite different from the garlic bread that you usually get. I just wish they were a little hot. The stuffed mushroom was superb. The cheese filling was sinful yet tasted great.

Chicken Wings

Mexican Chicken Skewers

The non-veg menu was next. We were served chicken wings first. It was nice but it was too sweet for my taste. For people who know me, I can not tolerate sweet in my food. The Mexican chicken skewers were good. The fish finger was also okayish, only if it was a little hot, it would tasted good.

The BBQ grilled chicken sandwich was also good. They also have a Baingan Bharta sandwich which is quite interesting, but unfortunately,I was full by this time and had no space for the Khujliwala Burger and the baingan bharta sandwich. I just had to taste the pasta just for my love of it. The pasta was good.

Next on the table were the desserts and they were great. I loved the way the food was served in pans.

Fish Fingers

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Pasta in Red Sauce

P.S : Some of the lovely pics you see in this post is by Indrajit Lahiri of, a celebrated food blogger of the city. :) Thank you Indrajit da :)

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Disclaimer: I was invited to the cafe by Zomato and Nosh.

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