Saturday, April 30, 2016

Maybelline's new Colossal Superblack Kajal

Maybelline India's Colossal Kajals are one of my favorites. Even their coloured kajals are quite impressive. Therefore, when Maybelline came up with this Superblack formula, I was really eager to try it !

Maybelline Colossal Kajal SuperBlack

Maybelline's colossal range works well for my eyes, though I have extremely sensitive eyes and a lot of kohl pencils start wearing off in a few hours time. Thankfully I have never faced this with Maybelline.

The new product claims to be 2X blacker and smudge-proof for 16 long hours.  
It glides on easily and feels smooth on the eyes. In one stroke, you get a nice, bold matte colour. However, for the 2X colour as per the product claim, you will need atleast 2 strokes. The smooth matte texture of the kajal is the best part of it. 

It glides smoothly on the eyelids and there is no smudging for about 5-6 hours. However, because of the increased humidity and the sensitivity of my eyes, the kajal starts to fade a little from the outer corner of my eyes after about 5 hours. But most of the kajal stays in place and refuses to go off even after you wash your face. Therefore, this is a good bet if you are looking for a bold black kajal.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Superblack

This kajal is priced at Rs.300, which I feel is a bit too much, keeping in mind that the Colossal black ones are priced at Rs.175. All competitor products are also priced within the price bracket of Rs.250.

Maybelline has changed the iconic yellow packaging for this one. It is now black in colour with yellow detailing. It comes in a retractable tube and cap fits well with a click.

Pros :

  • Nice, bold black colour
  • Glides on smoothly 
  • Texture is matte, which is the best part of this kajal
  • Stays on till the end of the day, with almost negligible smudging


  • I feel the product is a little too overpriced as compared to the other Colossal kajals

However, the bold black matte texture might convince me to buy this kajal again :)

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