Saturday, December 26, 2015

Healthy Chicken and Egg Salad for Lunch

As 2015 comes to a close, I have made a resolution to eat healthy in the coming year. Though I don't know how long I will be able to follow this, I am trying my best.

 I guess my body needs it, given the fact that my physical activity is limited. I am mostly at my desktop in office through the day and by the time I reach home, I am almost drained out to take up any exercise. I have made a promise to myself to make some easy changes to my daily routine.

Being an extremely fussy eater, it is extremely important for my food to taste good. I am a hardcore non-vegetarian and have always disliked vegetables. But I have realized that I can't ignore vegetables if I want to eat right.

Therefore, I thought of this recipe. It was an amateur experiment which turned out pretty well.The idea of it was simple and borrowed from a scrambled egg recipe. I tossed shredded chicken, scrambled eggs and lots of vegetables with garlic,onions and tomatoes to make this healthy salad. Loaded with prteins, it keeps you full for a long time.

Healthy Chicken and Egg Salad

Lets take a look:


1. 250 gms boiled chicken
2. 1 egg 
3. Chopped carrots
4. Chopped beans
5. Chopped capsicum
6. Chopped tomatoes
7. Diced Onion
8. Chopped Garlic
9. Oregano or any other herb
10. Green chillies
11. Chopped Coriander
12. Salt to Taste
13. 2tsp soya sauce

1. Pressure cook chicken for around 10mins. I used chicken with bones so that the broth can be used to make chicken soup
2. Once the chicken cools down, shred the chicken and keep aside
3. In a non stick pan, add about 1tsp of oil and stir fry the garlic, diced onions and capsicum. You may add bell peppers as well
4. Once the onions and the garlic turns pinkish brwn, add the chopped vegetables and stir fry. You can add as many vegetables as you wish
5. Add the shredded chicken and mix well
6. Use herbs as required at this phase. Add in salt and pepper as well along with soya sauce
7. I added scrambled eggs to this as well to make it a more wholesome meal. You might add only egg white as well.
8.Add chopped coriander leaves and green chillies 

Seve hot. :)

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