Friday, December 4, 2015

Review of the newest Pan Asian gallery in town - Stud!o at Novotel Kolkata Hotel & Residences

Novotel Kolkata Hotel & Residences, has recently come up with yet another interesting offering - Its Pan Asian Gallery - Stud!o. Yes, that's how they choose to describe it ! Because it offers much more than just food.

The newest Pan Asian Restaurant in town offers live music, art exhibitions and so much more while serving the best of Pan Asian Cuisine to the guests. The best part is the chic decor of the place. The outlet plays with natural and artificial lights in the most efficient way, with light reflecting through the steel sheets in the ceilings and the prismatic kitchen. The prismatic kitchen offers a sneak peak of all the action in the kitchen. Overlooking the beautiful poolside of the property, the Stud!o is elegant in its own unique way.

Stud!o offers a lot more than just the regular dumplings, Thai curries and noodles.You will start seeing the Pan Asian cuisines in a new light once you go through their menu. This time, I sampled the vegetarian offerings of Stud!o. A hardcore non-vegetarian since childhood and a fussy eater than I am, I have always been extremely picky with vegetables. However, Chef  Neelabh assured us that we will love it :P

What was on the menu?

Thai Spiced vegetables

We started our meal with Thai Spiced vegetables and kakiage tempura(a deep fried Japanese delicacy) . I loved the appetizers. With the right amount of flavour and spice, they were just perfect. Further, we moved on to the vegetable baoji and the water chestnut and chive dumpling. Baoji's outer coating had an interesting mix of flour and sesame seeds but the dumpling emerged as the winner. I had never thought that a dumpling with no meat in it could taste so good :D

Vegetable Baoji ; Water Chestnut and chive dumplings

From the sushis, there was the cucumber and pickled radish maki after which came the Udon noodle broth with sesame seeds.Udon is wheat noodles and is the Japnese noodle soup. It was too sour for my taste though.

Cucumber and pickled radish maki

Udon Noodle Broth

As for the main course spread, I loved the jasmine rice and the Thai green curry, both rich in their own distinct flavours. The chilli garlic noodles too was quite a favourite.

Chilli Garlic Noodles

Jasmine Rice and Thai green curry

The dessert offerings at Novotel Kolkata is something that I always look forward to whenever I am eating at Novotel and they impress me every single time with their unique offerings. This time I had Tab Tim Samsee, a coconut flavoured dessert with water chestnuts. Next on offer was a sweet dish made with poached pears with galangal(thai ginger), mascarpone cream and chocolate soil. This one was a surprise for me as the usage of pear for this was new to me.

Galangal Poached pears, mascarpone cream, chocolate soil

Overall, the food was good. The ambiance of the place is the best thing about Stud!o and is something to look out for. The experience of dining at Stud!o is sure to remain with you for a long time.

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