Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Experience of making my own tee at Freecultr - #ExpressYourself

Though I have always loved witty quotes on my tee, I had never tried my hands at T-Shirt designing. I have known a few local shops that provide the option of customizing your t-shirt, you can't always buy one piece. They usually only take wholesale orders. This has further kept me away from designing t-shirt.

I recently came across Freecultr, an e-commerce platform that allows you to design and sell your own t-shirt. What's best is that you can also make money when someone buys your design.

This gave me the inspiration to try my hands at t-shirt designing. On certain days, I lack that creative streak in me. Unfortunately today was one of those days, However, I was super bored and decided to do give Freecultr a try. I would call my designs, lazy designing as they are extremely simple and uncomplicated.

I love witty quotes on my tees. They have an attitude of their own and adds oodles of style to your personality. So, I decided to add just that to my designs. Being a Minion lover, how could I have left them behind :P

The process of designing your t-shirt is very simple on Freecultr. You just need to upload your design on the site, place the design correctly on the t-shirt, choose your price and the variety of t-shirt. You can also promote your t-shirts on your social media sites to share your designs with your friends.

And, you are ready to #ExpressYourself as a designer and  seller of  your own t-shirt on Freecultr. Yes, It is that simple. It doesn't hurt to give it a try.

You can check out my designs by clicking here. And yes, go ahead and order your favourite one.

Here are some of my designs:
Minion t-shirt, buy this here: http://www.freecultr.com/base-product.html?design=198117#women

Minion TSHIRT, To buy this, click here: http://www.freecultr.com/base-product.html?design=198147#men

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