Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Nature's Co Lemongrass Foot Spray review

This week has been extremely hectic for me. With back to back meetings in a day, work assignments, pending blog projects, deadlines and client expectations to meet, I have been running around quite a lot. Yes, that pretty much defines the life of a Public Relations professional !! A job that constantly challenges you, ever demanding and still expecting you to look fresh when you meet new people. If you ask me how do I manage, its not a magic potion and I have no secret trick.

Ever since I have received The Nature's Co Lemongrass foot spray, I have been waiting to try it out but for various reasons I could not. Today, after three meetings, two rounds of brainstorming in office and running around in heels, my feet had almost given up. The slight ache in my feet was going from bad to worse. It was then that I decided to pamper my feet after quite a long time and tried out the foot spray. 

I soaked my feet in lukewarm soapy water for about 15 mins before trying out the foot spray. Lemongrass is one herb I love using whenever I try my hand at Chinese cooking. The flavour imparted by the herb is unique and fresh. So when I heard of a lemongrass foot spray with ingredients like tea tree oils and menthol, my basic expectation was that it should smell nice and leave a fresh  cooling sensation. 

What does the brand claim?
The foot spray is infused with nature's own fresheners - lemongrass and tea tree oils.These instant revive and reenergize tired feet while leaving them smelling fresh.The stimulating agents of aloe vera and menthol will add a spring to your feet. The spray also claims to be anti-bacterial and makes your feet smell good and keeps it energized.

My take on the product:
The moment I applied the spray, the strong fragrance of lemongrass and the coolness of menthol took over instantly.It was a great stress buster and the smell lingered on for about 3-4 hours. The feeling was tiredness gradually dwindled and made me feel more relaxed. I have noticed that whenever my feet is tired, I am unable to sleep properly. But surprising I could also sleep well because of the fragrance.

The foot spray comes in a plastic packaging and the cap fits well. The bottle is easy to carry in your bags and is perfect if you are planning a long trek. 

A 100 ml bottle is priced at Rs.495 and has a shelf life of almost 2 years. 

You must definitely try this product out once if you have a lot of running around to do. Its good to pamper your feet once in a while as they sometimes work a lot but get neglected in the long run. The lemongrass foot spray is a good treat for your tired feet.

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