Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to make red chilli flakes at home ? Easy DIY

I am in a relationship with chilies. All my meals are incomplete without at least 2 green chilies by my side. I make it a point to ask for extra sachets of red chilli flakes every time I order pizzas. 

So, what does a chili lover like me do on a certain day there is a craving for red chili flakes and you have run out of those store made ones ? You do a little bit of experiment and try and make it yourself ! 

Trust me, the home made ones are just as good. In fact, the fresh aroma of dry roadsted red chili is simply better than the store bought ones. The added bonus is that making it is extremely easy. 

As this was the first time I was trying this, I used only a small quantity.

Lets take a look :

1. Remove the stem from the red chilies and dry roast them in a skillet
2. Cool the roasted red chilies 
3. Grind the roasted red chillies. Make sure not to grind it to a fine powder. Your grinding jar should be free of any moisture
4. Store in an air tight jar and use as required


  1. Hmm.. I will try it, thanks for sharing dear :)

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