Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get the power of high speed with Airtel4G

I am sure we all have heard about Airtel rolling out its 4G services nationally. But do we really understand how powerful is 4G?

Internet these days has a host of benefits. It has made my life so much more simpler. On days when I do not have a running internet connection, my life feels incomplete. Browsing through new products online to checking the best deals, internet banking which allows me to access my funds easily from the comfort of my home, online ticket bookings without having to stand in a queue, getting entertained at such cheap rates, I have increasingly become dependent on the internet. Social networking has added yet another dimension to it. Though most of my friends are miles away, I don’t feel it at all, thanks to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Skype. All thanks to this, people are easily getting into long distance relationships and even marriages. It is so much easier to stay connected with your parents when you are staying away. Constant Whatsapp messages and Skype calls every day was a savior.

How many times have we wanted to watch a movie but because of constant buffering, we gave up the idea? I am sure we all have become impatient at that time when we wanted to be entertained but only got to see an irritating message of the video loading! How many times have we wanted to browse through some shopping websites on the go but couldn't do it because of the time it takes to load the products on the site?

We all have gone through the phase in our life. Phew!!!

But thankfully with Airtel4G, those days are far behind. What’s better is that they are offering 4G services at the price of 3G. Being the first telecom provider to provide the service, they are reaching out to 296 cities. 

I plan to lay my hands on this service soon. If I get my hands on Airtel4G, I would use it download loads of movies and e-books. I travel a long distance to reach my office. I would use my travelling time to watch movies and read books. But with 3G services and the constant buffering, I get bored and give up the idea. I used to download movies in advance and keep it stored on my phone. But it started using up a lot of phone and SD card memory. So, I have stopped doing that. But with Airtel4G, I can live stream movies and watch at my convenience. It should be a lot of fun. Imagine when you have a lovely movie as a companion when stuck in a traffic jam. Total win –win situation!

Getting a 4G SIM has also been made extremely convenient. All you need to do is tweet #GetAirtel4G and the SIM will be delivered at your doorstep.

The idea of high-speed internet connection, made so convenient to achieve and made easily accessible to you sounds like a superb idea :)


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