Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Work Wear series: Add the glamour quotient to your regular office outfit (OOTD) with

I am sure all girls face this problem of picking out the best outfit for the day. It sure is the case with me and it takes up a lot of valuable morning time for me.

Looking your best at work with simple tops and demins/trousers is a challenging task.

I often take a lot of time choosing the best work wear especially on days when I have meetings scheduled. Looking my best definitely ups the confidence factor and makes me feel good about myself. 

However, it is important to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Following the latest fashion fads do not always help when it comes to work wear where you have a whole day to go, people to meet, things to deliver and so much pressure to handle. 

Your work wear must be simple yet stylish. I would recommend that you experiment around your usual tops and trousers and add an element of style with the right accessories. Invest in a good neckpiece, which instantly adds to the glamour quotient of any outfit. Scarves and bracelets also adds to the outfit.

The idea is to mix and match. and, Go easy !! If you are wearing a statement neckpiece, ignore the danglers for the day. If you are wearing a blingly top, go for a simple pendant. 

I have worked on a simple work wear look here, with

Styling your work wear

You will also get more details on the fabric, prices, sizes etc.

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