Monday, June 15, 2015

Energize your life with #MaxFreshMove

" Music is the strongest form of magic" , said a famous American theater artist. Truly, music spells magic for all of us ! Be it a hard day at work or a beautiful date, music adds that special touch to every situation. From soft romantic numbers to soulful Sufi numbers to classical numbers, music is food for the soul.I am sure music has been a savior for all of us during several occasions.Fusion music has emerged as another powerful form of music in the recent days. It combines the strengths of two different forms and presents the best for us. 

Music and dance is a very strong form of expression. How many times have we moved to the tunes the beats of any music without even being aware that our bodies are swaying to it. I am sure you all must have gone through it.

With dance being one of my most favorite forms of beating stress, I often sway along with the music no matter where I am or who is watching :P . I still remember days when along with my friends, we used to put music in high volume and dance to celebrate every little occasion, be it the end of our terminal exams or our success in any particular exam. I guess the habit has remained with me till now. Though the expression is a little subdued depending on the location I am in, but it still remains.

Being in one of the high pressure jobs, it becomes almost impossible to keep stress away from my life. The pressure of meeting client expectations and deadlines takes up most of your energy yet you have to be pumped up to meet new challenges. How does one cope ?

Well, I resort to my childhood formula - the combo of dance and music. 

There are times when I tune into music while travelling and unknowingly start moving to the tune :P
The fusion of dance and music always works for me. It helps me de-stress and freshens up my clogged mind every time. So I make it a point to tune in to some great soulful yet pumping music before and after every stressful event or meeting so that I can sway a little to it in my own way while still at my desk or while in the cab.The energy that is provides me is unbeatable. It helps me relax and think positive. 

I recently came across Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda. While Allu Arjun enthralls with his dance moves, Anushka is creates magic with her vocals. We have heard Anushka's voice in several Bolly songs and we all remember her as the 'Viva girl'. 

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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  1. Dance is de-stressing for sure. I just dont have enough confidence to do it in front of others.