Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eating your breakfast - why is it so important ?

People on the go usually skip breakfast to save precious time in the morning. Some even think that skipping breakfast cuts down your daily calorie intake.
However, research proves that it is the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast as the name suggests is the meal which helps us break our night long fast. Breakfast is the meal which helps us refuel our body to meet all the needs of the present day and therefore, it should be a hearty and healthy meal. Ideally, breakfast time should be within 2 hours of a person's waking up time. 

It kick starts your metabolism for the day: 
It send information to the brain that it needs to start the metabolism process for the day. Therefore, it helps to burn the excess calories A good breakfast provides the necessary carbohydrates to the brain to start functioning and helps us with our concentration levels and makes us stress free.

It helps you to keep a tab on binge eating:
If you do not have a proper breakfast in the morning, chances are that you will feel hungry much earlier in the day as the body need energy to function. There are high chances that you  resort to food which have a high fat content rather than smart snacking.

Having a good meal at the start of the day peps up your day and adds that extra energy that you need at the start of the day. Not eating a proper meal makes you sluggish and has a negative effect on your day.As it helps in the functioning of the brain, it also keeps you in a good moos.

Therefore, one should take special care about a person's breakfast menu. A little imagination can help you to come up with tasty breakfast ideas.

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