Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Yays and the Nays of Winters !

Sunday is one such day of the week which has been special ever since childhood. It meant dance classes, silly games we played with friends in the afternoons, good food and quality family time. It was one such day when dad was home and we enjoyed a lazy meal. Yes, the afternoon siesta was bliss !

Thankfully, I can say nothing much has changed over the years. Though Dance classes and silly games have been replaced with the adda over the morning tea, the laundries, the cleaning up and the cooking; yet it remains special. 

Winters add a special touch to the lazy Sundays. The love affair with your blanket seems endless with no alarm clock playing a spoilsport. The morning cup of tea looks more inviting as you can spend as much time with it. Morning breakfasts are all about comfort food and nothing beats a steaming bowl of Maggi with loads of onions and chillis :) Not to forget the Sunday Lunches.

Along with all the pros, there comes a list of thumbs down as well. I have always disliked winters for the havoc it created with my skin and hair. My already dry skin decides to not listen to me at all. My chapped lips never seem to heal for all these months and my hair looks so very dry and damaged :(
Though I am extremely lazy when it comes to skincare, I have to take out some time for my skin in the winters especially on Sundays.

A few days ago, I received a hamper from Himalaya Herbals to meet all my winter needs. It came with body lotions, nourishing creams and lip balms. Everything that is sure to find space in your winter care regime.

Winter Hamper from Himalaya Herbals

I especially adore their cocoa butter body lotion and have been using it for quite some time. Since I have extremely dry skin, I have to reapply the lotion after 6-7 hours in the winters. The white complexion day cream is also a very good product from the family and works well for my skin. 

Lip balms are something I constantly keep applying and reapplying, not just in the winters but all round the year. The situation just worsens in the winters. I don't remember a single day in the winters when I had smooth lips. They are forever chapped and flaky :( Himalaya's Lip balms come in a variety of flavours and give my lips a good coverage and the necessary nourishment. No lip balm stays on my lips for a long time but in terms of moisture it provides, Himalaya Lip balms are good.

For my hair, I rely on my almond oil and Loreal hair mask to satisfy the cravings of my smoothened hair. Hair serums are something that becomes my solution in the winters.

Cracked heels are something which I have not faced as of now, Touchwood ! But I know a lot of women for whom this is a nuisance and for most of the season, their feet are covered by a pair of socks to save them the embarrassment. Then, comes the nuisance of smelly feet, thanks to the necessity of wearing socks all day long !

Be it winters or summers, smelling good is a must for me. I ensure that all the products I use give me a fresh feeling. 

I have always liked products from the Himalaya stable and trust them with my skin and hair. They have hardly disappointed and provide a good value for money. 

I will be happy to hear about your winter skin woes. Share the same in the comment box below or connect with me on social media.

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