Friday, December 30, 2016

Easy-to-make Snacks For Your New Year Eve Party

As we say goodbye to 2016, all of us have plans to say "Hello" to 2017 in our own way. While some of us will be hitting the best of Pubs in town, some might plan to spend time with your near and dear ones at a house party ! I have always belonged to the "House Party Club". Never being a fan of crowded places, New Year eve parties are not something that appealed to me. House parties look like the best idea to me. Its all about indulging in food, friends, family and conversations as we brace the new year :)

Trust me, House parties are a lot of fun ! From cooking together to sharing stupid stories to not caring a bit whether or not you act crazy if drunk, it truly is the best way to herald the New Year. 

Why depend on only the store bought boring packets of chips, chanachur and bhujias when you can make something for your guests in no time! I have listed down some chakna options that are easy to make at home in no time. Whether or not your party involves booze, you can enjoy them nonetheless. 😊

1. Tandoori Chicken : One of my favorites. A little bit of planning in advance and they are easy to put together in no time. And to add to it, they are delicious and healthy ! This is the best thing to go with any of your cocktails or mocktails.

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2. Boiled Chana Chaat: Super healthy and extremely easy to cook. In about 10mins time, you will have a whole lot of chana ready. Just remember to soak the chana overnight, boil them the next day and dry roast them with spices and chillies; Your Chakna is ready to be served.

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3. Masala Papad : Don't we all love papad and for parties, it's an extremely affordable snack option. Top it with some salad as a dressing and your masala papad is done! This item will be a hit with your guests.

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4. Fish Fry :  This is an instant favourite at all house parties. Get boneless fillets of fish or the whole fish, marinate them and simply fry them. I am not talking about the fancy fish fries that you get at restaurants, therefore no need to batter fry it, but you can also choose to go for that.

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5. Corn Salad : We all have loved the sweet corn at malls and at movie theatres. Why not try for your NYE party. Boil the sweet corn, add some onions, tomatoes, cucumber, chaat masala and some lemon! Your healthy and tasty chakna is ready :)

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Hope you all have a great New Year eve ! Enjoy yourselves, drink responsibly and stay safe. See you all in 2017. 🍻🍻🍻😍

Happy New Year From Love Health n Beauty ! 💖

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