Sunday, February 14, 2016

Neesh Perfumes- India's 1st attar based perfume brand

Neesh Perfumes

Recently I came across a very interesting perfume brand - Neesh Perfumes. They are the first attar based perfume brand of India.

 Attars have been a regular in my household as my mom loves them.I have grown up loving these fragrances on Mom. They are concentrated and a small amount of it creates wonders. Neesh, the brand claims uses natural and fresh ingredients to give the user a delightful aroma.

They are available in the following varieties:

  • Zaafran E Hindustan 
  • Sultana
  • Rose E Mohabbat
  • Oud De Venice
  • Belle D Oud
  • Amour De Oud
  • Oud E Khaas
  • Moha E Beau
  • Eau De Mehfil
  • Attar E Neesh
  • Attar E Nazakat
  • Attar E Ishq
The brand claims that the perfumes are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, has a moisturizing and relaxing effect. Around 52 ingredients from all over the world are put together to make a single fragrance. The perfumes are concentrated with 10-20% oils that make them last longer.

What I like about Neesh Perfumes:

  • The fragrance lasts really long on me; approximate around 12 hours
  • The packaging is very convenient and is one of the best things about the perfumes
  • It comes in a good square plastic bottle which is extremely easy to carry when on the move; which they call pikpacks
  • They have a nice mix of both fruity and flowery fragrances
  • They can be used both for day and evening wear; depending on the fragrance you choose

Disclaimer: PR sample; honest review

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