Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Together we can

My parents are the biggest blessing God has given me. They are my motivators, philosophers and my guardian angels.

Seeing them everyday- smiling,laughing, quarelling with each other fills me a sense of fulfillment that no other thing in the world does. No matter what are the kind of worries I am facing, a simple hug from them makes everything seem fine. The best part is that with a simple smile, they can make everything okay.

I am grateful to  https://housing.com/.https://housing.com/. for giving me an opportunity to write about this. Often in our busy schedules, we forget to thank people close to our lives. But that doesnt mean we are not thankful to them for every little thing they do. When I saw this opportunity, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to write my feelings down.

I strongly believe that miracles lie in simple things in life. You never know when a small little thing can inspire you.

Sometimes God's signs are hidden in daily life. A simple thing you hear on tv or  in everyday conversations can give you the guidance you have been craving for.  It was one such incidents which gave me a sign that you might face roadblocks but you must never forget to go on for the people we love. They are the same people who crave to see us happy and our smile brightens up their lives.
With ruthless corporate jobs where you are as good as your last assignment, life often gets tough. Despite putting in your best efforts, only results seem to speak. You start losing hope in your own capabilities and feel demotivated.

It was once such difficult day at work. By the time I reached home, I was both emotionally and physically drained. The moment the door opened, a warm smile invited me. I smiled back.

A nice warm cup of green tea was waiting for me. Both my parents were delighted to have me back at home in the evening and shared their day's chores with me. I sat down with the cup and chatted away without mentioning any of my work woes. A fun filled challenging board game was the next step. During the game, we laughed a lot on stupid things and that took away my work woes. That evening we bonded even without sharing our worries. Though neither of us spoke anything serious or philosophical, it gave me a certain encouragement which no other things could have ever given me.

All the fun, laughter and the warmth from them made me feel no matter which obstacle comes in my life, if we are together in this journey, nothing can beat us. It filled me with a new ray of hope to keep those smiles intact on their faces. This feeling will keep me motivated to perform my best.

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