Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review: Garnier's new Pure Active Exfoliating Apricot face scrub

Face scrubs are a must have in every girl's skin care it. They gently scrub off the dead cells and the accumulated dirt and grime to give you a fresh and soft feeling.

Garnier Pure Active has come up with an exciting product - The Pure Active exfoliating apricot face scrub. It promises to pack in the power of 1500 beads with every wash for a flawless looking skin.

Apricots are known for their benefits for a healthy skin. It is considered one of the exfoliating properties. You can find out about more benefits by clicking here.


The product comes in a nice inverted tube which is easy to use and causes minimum wastage.The moment you take out a small amount in your hand, you feel the apricot beads in your hand and can experience the welcome aroma of fresh apricots.

The pack instruction mentions gently massaging the cream on your wet face before washing off clean water.

After using the product on my face as per the pack instructions, my skin felt smooth and clean. It does not dehydrate the skin because of its creamy texture as is the case with other face scrubs. However, if you have very dry skin, you might have to use a moisturizer after scrubbing. Whether or not the skin feels dry, I apply a moisturizer or sunscreen after using a scrub.

The product is priced at Rs.70 for a 50g pack.

Lets look at the Pros and Cons:

1. Nice creamy texture
2. welcome aroma of dried apricots the moment you open the tube
3. The skin feels soft and clean after usage
4. Does not cause skin drying
5. Affordable product

I didn't find any disadvantage in the product

Overall, A good product. You must try it out.

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