Saturday, March 21, 2015

Look up for the people you love

Often in life I have been bogged down with a lot of negative thoughts. There are times when nothing seems alright. You seem to blame everything in your life and forget to count the blessings in your life.

It was one of those days when life seemed too difficult to handle. With a few setbacks, both professionally and personally, I was trying to make sense of my life. Even though I was in office with a huge list of "To Dos" , all I could think of all day were the disappointments.  

I was aimlessly going through Facebook when I suddenly I saw one of friend's post who had shared a page:Fight Leukemia with Sagnik Chatterjee aka Logens

A page sharing a  story of a 4 year old fighting against a life threatening disease.  The cute looking innocent face on the page hooked me onto it. Following the links posted by others, I came across many other stories of people and their struggle for survival. But their Facebook pages and the pictures said nothing about their pain they were going through. There were smiles, optimism and hope all over the page. 

Though the little one's parents were frantically looking for donors and trying their best to give a new life to their little one,they were so optimistic about life :)

It was this story which made me realize that life is not meant to be lives only for you. Sometimes, we need to live for the people who love us so much. 

Though a lot has been said on live and hope, it is my belief that one should never loose hope. you never know when a miracle manifests itself in its own way.

Note: The people mentioned in the post have a voluntary organization dedicated to their little angel. It would be great if all of you can help in your little way to mke their inititiave a huge success and play your part in making a difference in the life of a little one. Facebook page: C for Children

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