Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines' Day: What does it mean for people facing a heartbreak ?

Heart break: Calling for a helping hand

Clich├ęd as it may sound, but the day marked in the name of the Christian martyr St. Valentine does bring smirk and excitement as it is celebrated with a lot of frenzy every year across the globe.

However what is staggering is the post V-day dilemma that a lot of individuals go through. Recent research/survey suggests that individuals and couples who are heartbroken do end up seeking professional help.

Patients/individuals suffering from emotional distress post break-up undergo numerous changes. Inability to accept rejection leads to loss of appetite, delay in onset of sleep, increase in pulse rate, discomfort in chest/abdomen, menstrual irregularities in girls, and at times even suicide.

Says Dr. Hozefa Bhinderwala, Consultant Psychiatrist, Global Hospitals, “Every year we come across counselees who face a challenge coping with post break up stress. Some even complain of psycho-physiological disorders which are classified according to the organ system involved. Social media has its own impact as digital intimacy means more superficial relationships and straying away from real ties.

Distance from family, extra marital affairs and giving cultural values a back seat has certainly led to a lot more affairs than before and therefore more breakups. The number of people seeking advice is rising among the semi urban and lesser developed regions of the country as well.

Individuals who go through BLAs (Broken Love Affairs) often end up resorting to smoking, drinking and sometimes even illicit drug abuse. And some on the other hand turn towards religion and spirituality to isolate themselves from daily routines. Women face more challenges as they are psychologically more emotional as compared to men.”

Talking to friends may help, but they may not profess the required expertise to help. Speaking to a Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist does help if the individual is willing to get help. Of course in the long run, the healing touch lies with close family as they are your real support. Also, a person who is actively involved in a profession or academics has a better chance of dealing with post break up stress.

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