Saturday, February 28, 2015

Treat digestion problems naturally

All of us at some point in time have faced digestion problems. With our erratic schedules and busy lifestyles, we often pay less attention to what we are eating and our food timings. Therefore, often we face digestion and acidity problems. Our fast lives have also increased our dependence on OTC drugs for such problems. 

However, we often ignore the age old methods suggested by our grandmothers to aid such problems. Not only are they easily available but are also super easy to follow.

Lets take a look at some of the healthy habits that you can follow to avoid such problems:

1. Have a cup of yoghurt after every meal : Yoghurt is a wonder food. Loaded with probiotics which are healthy bacteria that help in digestion, it is also rich in calcium.For people who avoid milk, it is a good source to help fulfill your calcium in take. It has a cooling effect on your digestive tract s well and will act as a summer coolant.

2. Have ginger regularly : Ginger is known to aid digestion, help in nausea and acidity. You can include ginger in your regular meals or brew a cup of a ginger green tea. Ginger tea is known to heal colds and relieve stress because of its nice aroma. A small amount of ginger is enough to get its benefits as it is loaded with concentrated products.

3.  Ajwain : Ajwain or Carom seeds(  is another such wonder food which is easily available in our kitchen. It is an age old tradition in many Indian homes to chew on ajwain based digestives like churan or pachak after heavy meals. This is because of the well known digestive properties of these seeds. Simply chewing on ajwain after meals helps in the secretion of the digestive juices in your stomach. Mix ajwain with jeera(cumin seeds) and boil it it in a glass of water and drink this whenever acidity starts to strike you for instant relief. Having water boiled with ajwain seeds on an empty stomach also helps in maintaining heart health.
You can read about more of its benefits here:

4. Herbal infusions: Having a warm lemon water with honey on empty stomach first think in the morning is a very good habit for your health. This no fuss method has immense benefits. It boosts up your metabolism levels, helps get rid of toxic elements from your body, relieves constipation and therefore helps in your stomach health.An article in Times of India suggests an infusion of lemon, basil, ginger, peppermint and chamomile an hour after an heavy meal to relieve gas and bloating. Read about it here:

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