Friday, January 2, 2015

Healthy snacking III - Chivra / Chura bhuja

Chivra / Chura Bhuja/ Healthy snacks

Its winter time !! Its that time time of the year when a hot cup of tea or coffe gives you the maximum comfort. We often crave for something to munch on during tea time and settle in for something unhealthy.

Here is one recipe which satisfies not only satisfies our taste buds but is equally healthy.

This is made of flattened rice popularly known as chura or chira in the eastern parts of the country.
This crunchy snack is made of just 1tsp of oil.


1. 2 cups chura
2. 1 dry red chilly
3. Green chilies
4. Black salt
5. Pepper


1. Take a pan and heat 1tsp of oil
2. Once heated, add the red chilly and the green chilies
3. Add the chura and fry well on medium heat till it become crunchy

You might also add pan roasted green chilies to the pan and your tea time snack is ready to serve.

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