Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 things you should never miss doing in the winters :)

Its January !!Yes, the winter chill is here to stay for some more time. It's that time of the year when you can take out your best jackets and boots and strike your most stylish pose without having to worry about those extra layers of fat you have been trying to lose all the year round. It's the time of cakes, great food, family and good sleep :P

Here are five things you should never miss doing in the winters:

1. Enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee in the mornings. Nothing can beat this on a winter morning. If you are a chai lover like me, you won't really mind several repetitions of this routine throughout the day :P 
Trust me, they are the best companions! And remember that the best conversations happen during tea time ;)

A steaming hot cup of tea or coffee in the mornings (Pic Courtesy:

2. If its winters, you can't ignore your love affair with your blanket and your bed. They make the best soulmates. Winters are meant for sleeping. Only a few things in the world can beat the warmth of your bed and your favourite blanket

                                Blankets and bed :) (Pic courtesy:

3. Soups !! They are healthy, spicy, warm, comforting and also keeps you in shape ;) so many advantages in just a bowl. You can't really ignore this !!

A comforting bowl of chicken soup in the winters( Pic courtesy:

4. The lazy winter afternoons spent outdoors soaking in the warmth of a sunny day. Well, that's also the best time to bond with your friends and family. If you are working and don't get to enjoy this luxury everyday(ask me about it !!), you just shouldn't miss this on weekends

Sunny winter afternoon (Pic courtesy:

5. Cakes, baking and loads of food. It is one season when almost every household indulges in baking and cooking delicacies. Normally the weather conditions throughout the year do not allow too much of experimentation with food and we all tend to go light on spices. But, winter is one season in which you can indulge in good food to your heart's content.

Barbecue (Pic courtesy:

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