Monday, October 3, 2016

Oktoberfest at Bodega Cantina Y Bar

While we Bengalis are busy planning for the Durga Pujas, there is another festival which is making the city which loves its food extremely happy - Its the Oktoberfest, the fest celebrating liquid gold. 

Oktoberfest menu at Bodega

Bodega Cantina Y Bar made sure you don't miss this ! Therefore, they have copious amounts of beers and authentic German recipes for you at their 7-day Oktober festival on till 3rd October 2016.

The food menu focuses on Beer infused favourites made with unique flavour combinations that get a delicious sprinkling of innovative gastronomy techniques. Expect beer batter fried Onion Os, Fish and chips,  Wild Mushroom Pie  made with slow roasted Pumpkin, Sage, Feta and Spicy Lentil; Caramelised Beer Bangers made with German sausages, Potato mash, Buttered Cabbage & Balsamic Glaze; Roasted Chicken Pie made with B├ęchamel Sauce, Mushrooms,Truffle oil, Chicken Poutine is a delectable blend of Crispy Skin, Cheese, Signature gravy and comes with an option of Bacon. 

For desserts, you will find the traditional decadent and sinful dessert, Chocolate Stout Cake which  is made with Beer caramel, boozy brittle and Chantilly Cream served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. 

I visited Bodega on a Friday evening after a hectic day at work (yes, all my Fridays have a packed schedule ! ) with my colleague. Thankfully, there was no rush on the roads and we reached by 7pm. We opted to try out the traditional picks first, the onion Os, and Fish n chips, while we were happily chatting away and gossiping about the week gone by.
We also asked for the Beer cocktails as beer is not reallt our favourite.  Then came the Chicken Poutine and the Roasted Chicken Pie.

On the drinks menu, There was Coronarita which is a delectable mix of Classic Margarita with Corona on Top and Michelada made with Sea Salt, Corona, Lime, Chilli and Secret Sauce. Both of us being hoarders of spicy food, Michelada was something that appealed to both of us. And yes, it won the game hands down all because of the chilli and the sea salt. Though beer lovers might swear by Coronarita, which comes with a bottle of Corona on top, It was not our favourite. (Yes, that how it looks, don't even try to pick up the glass. I didn't ,given the clumsy person I am)



Honestly, the Onion Os were not that great but the fish n chips were good. Chicken poutine was something we both liked. With bacon, cheese and chicken, it was perfect. What won our hearts was the Roasted Chicken Pie. It was gooey, cheesy and oh-so-good. The dish comes in a small pot filled with chicken and cheese. It was a pot of happiness, one sppon of it and we couldn't stop raving about it. Though we were quite full by that, we just kept on having spoonfuls of it because of the sheer pleasure that the dish was ! ( many many more calories added :/) It was a pity we still couldn't finish the dish.

Roasted Chicken Pie

The menu of Oktoberfest is affordable and comes in good potions which is suffient for 2 people. There are some super offers on Beers with Bodega offering 1+1 offer on Budweiser and 3+1 deal on Corona. The One -on-one offers are reason enough for beer lovers, I guess ! Please do try the Chicken Roasted Pie as you wouldn't want to miss it ! 

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