Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter is here - keep your body ready !!

It is that time of the year again when hot steaming cups of coffee and a nice warm blanket looks very inviting. Yes, its winter again. Though we all love the respite from the hot and sultry weather, winter brings along a scurry of health problems along with it.

Its a time when half the population around you is coughing or sneezing. Infections spread easily and can throw your health completely out of gear.

So, here are some simple tips for staying healthy. If incorporated in our daily regime, it can go a long way in a healthy and happy winter season.

1. Include more fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet: Winter brings along a variety of fruits and vegetables. Be innovative and include them in your daily diet. Fruits rich in Vitamin C are a must, especially oranges.

2. Drink more water: We invariably tend to decrease our water intake during winetrs as compared to the summer months. Make sure to drink atleast 6-7 glasses of water daily.

3. Gargle every morning with warm water: This is absolutely essential given the fact that people catch a cold very fast this season. So gargling with salt water every morning is just a precaution to flush out any anti bodies that might have accumulated in your system

4. Keep yourself warm: Well, this you can do in style ;) try lovely winter jackets and sweaters. Bring out those lovely stoles and keep yourself warm. This will prevent you from catching a cold

5. Replace those coffee cravings with healthier green tea: While we understand the constant urge to sip on hot coffee, it is great if you could keep the temptation away and try green tea. Put in a piece of ginger while boiling and the heavenly flavour will beat your craving your coffee. Read up on the benefits of geen tea and you will be satisfies you made the choice of sipping on green tea instaed of coffee. There can be a separate post itself on the benefits of ginger green tea :P

6. Sip on anything warm to keep your system warm and happy: This is the season of soups and stews. Go into the kitchen and innovate and you might surprise yourself with the variety that you can come up with in terms of soups and stews.

7. Exercise: Be it summers, winters or the spring, exercise never lets you down. So continue your regular regime. Though it gets a little difficult to leave home during winters as you feel lethargic, don't miss out on going for a walk in the lovely afternoon sun. Those will be memories to keep all your life

8. Eat Healthy: Like exercise, this is one habit you must never dump. Winters are usually the season when we tend to indulge our taste buds but go slow on yor diet. Healthy food can be tasty too. Try cooking up healthier versions of your favourite food. A healthy diet will keep you happy, both inside and out

9. Follow basic hygiene: With people sneezing and coughing all around you, it sometimes becomes very difficult to keep infections at bay even with the best possible precautions that you take. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands regularly with a medicated handwash. Never forget to carry your hand sanitizer wherever you go. It comes in especially handy when you are outdoors meeting people.

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